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Innovation Zone in Digital Technology

The Université de Sherbrooke's excellence in technology transfer and partnership research, particularly in the field of microsystems, makes it a key partner in the Bromont innovation zone.

This zone aims to foster the deployment, in all environments, of a digital culture aimed at meeting the needs of the 21st century

The University of Sherbrooke's close relationship with companies in the microelectronics industry was consolidated with the establishment of the MiQro Innovation Collaboration Center (C2MI) in 2012. 

The result of an original partnership between the Université de Sherbrooke, Teledyne DALSA Semiconductors and IBM Canada, the C2MI is an essential link in the microelectronics ecosystem, one of the most important research centers in the world in this field.

In partnership with the Université de Sherbrooke, the C2MI enables this strategic industry to transform new scientific knowledge into products that will ensure Canada's economic wealth. 

This presence in the field in Bromont has enabled the Université de Sherbrooke for years to respond to society's challenges while generating highly qualified jobs in Quebec. It is now recognized for its extremely effective ability to adapt to market needs, as evidenced by its research projects conducted with industry.  

Entrepreneurial support

The zone plans to strengthen support for businesses, particularly through the construction of an incubator-accelerator for start-ups on the territory. To do so, it will rely on the expertise of the Accélerateur de création d'entreprises technologiques (ACET), established in 2011 by the Université de Sherbrooke in partnership with the provincial and federal governments and the business community. 

Discover the contribution of the UdeS

The Université de Sherbrooke has an expertise in digital technology that is sought after by businesses and that will help train the next generation of highly qualified professionals in this important sector. 

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