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Canada’s Top 50 Research Universities List announced today

Ranked 14th, the Université de Sherbrooke continues its climb in Canadian research

Sherbrooke, le 08 décembre 2020 – The Université de Sherbrooke (UdeS) has reinforced its position among Canada’s largest research universities and is climbing these ranks in its own remarkable and human-focused way.

According to Research Infosource, UdeS stands out particularly through its income from non-profit organizations. It ranks 2nd in Canada for growth in this type of revenue and 3rd for the amount that non-profit contributions represent in its total research income.

Research income is the money that a university receives to support its research activities and includes fellowships, research grants, and contracts awarded by private companies, government bodies, or non-profits.

In other words, research at the UdeS has a clear goal of putting scientific knowledge in service of society.

“Last year, our research income soared. This year, our research work has become even more relevant. Month after month, our researchers are tackling the challenges facing governments, businesses, families, and everyone in our communities,” said Jean-Pierre Perreault, Vice-President, Research and Graduate Studies.

This real-world research stems of course from the skills of not only many specialists but also research professionals and graduate students, all of whom are pouring their energy into developing knowledge that is changing the world.

Ongoing momentum

Last year, the University’s total research income jumped from $132 million to $160 million, moving UdeS from 18th place to 15th in the rankings. This year, it climbed another spot thanks to a $9-million increase in research income.

Rector Pierre Cossette is also pleased with this momentum: “UdeS is clearly one of the major research universities in Canada, which has close to 100 university institutions. This is a remarkable feat that has been made possible thanks to our community of graduate students and researchers, who stand out through their determination and significant work.”

UdeS ranks 8th in the country thanks to this 5.7% increase in total research income.

As with income from non-profits, UdeS’s research income from partnerships with private companies also increased this year. UdeS is now 7th in Canada, with a gain of 11%.

This trend is likely to continue, as this growth in research income, some of which was granted for 3 to 7 years, comes with the UdeS’s deep commitment to its community, which has become even more crucial during these times of upheaval caused by the COVID pandemic. The UdeS community is taking action to make a vital contribution to society through its excellence in research and the relevance of its work.

Winning conditions for top-tier research

The UdeS is doing everything possible to develop excellence in research that is useful to society. Its 2018-2022 strategic plan made community contributions one of its core orientations. As an extension of this strategy, the work of the UdeS research community comes together under 6 socially relevant themes. Graduate students are also supported by an optimal environment that aims to train future scientists who are strong, confident, and competitive both at home and internationally.

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