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Tremblay, Andre-MarieSherbrookeRefresher on many-body theory
Cote, Michel   MontrealLocal Density Approximation, Density functional theory, ABINIT hands-on
Gonze, XavierLouvainAbinit code, and hands-on
Garate, IonSherbrookeTopological Insulators
Sénéchal, DavidSherbrookeDynamical Mean-Field Theory (DMFT) and its cluster extensions
Gukelberger, JanSherbrookeIntroduction to Monte Carlo methods, Ergodicity, Detailed balance, biased sampling, variance estimate. A few words about ALPS
Werner, PhilippFribourgContinuous Time Quantum Monte Carlo
Parcollet, OlivierCEA SaclayTRIQS, a toolbox for Research on Interacting Quantum Systems
Ferrero, MichelEcole Polytechnique, Parishands-on training:TRIQS
Melko, RogerWaterlooQuantum Monte Carlo, SSE, loop updates
Del Maestro, AdrianVermontWorm algorithms
Bruneval, FabienCEA ScalayABINIT and GW method
Kotliar, GabrielRutgersAb initio methods for correlated materials.
Haule, KristjanRutgersDMFT -LAPW Hands-on
Yee, Chuck-HouRutgersWien2k Tutorial
Bergeron, DominicSherbrookeHands-on training: analytical continuation OmegaMaxEnt
Schollwöck, UliMunichDensity-Matrix Renormalization Group (DMRG)
Stoudenmire, MilesPerimeter InstituteDMRG software and hands-on ITensor