Hire a Co-op Student

Co-operative education is an educational method that integrates academic study with periods of remunerated work experience in a practical work environment throughout the duration of the study program.

  • 15-week full-time paid work terms
  • Actual job scope and content defined by the employer
  • Work terms related to the field of study
  • Possibility of two consecutive work terms with the same employer

Thanks to such workplace experience, students complete their degree with at least one year of actual practical training in addition to gearing up for a career of their choice through our unparallel career development approach. For their part, employers enjoy the benefits of this innovative and effective way to identify future employees.

In 1966, Université de Sherbrooke became the first Quebec educational institution to offer a co-operative program. It has since built its reputation as a true leader in the field, which contributes to its know-how, quality of services, pride and reputation (and that of its graduates!).

Each year, almost 4,000 co-operative work terms are completed in some thousand various companies and organizations in Quebec, Canada and abroad. No wonder Université de Sherbrooke is renowned among employers and students!