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Student Evaluation

Before the end of the internship, you will need to complete the final assessment of your intern either by logging into the PDI or PAACT (depending on the tracking tool used by your intern).

Apply yourself to make a constructive evaluation

It is important to review your intern’s internship report and discuss their learning and achievements with them. Start by making a feedback and a constructive evaluation in person before writing them in the final evaluation. Your feedback will be very relevant to his future internships and career. Take the opportunity to state the strengths and areas for improvement that you think you will mention in the final evaluation.

It is also a great opportunity to offer your intern your availability as a reference for his next steps in finding an internship or job. You could also write a letter of recommendation.

This final meeting also allows you to ask your intern for feedback on your company. Ask what needs to be improved for the next trainee.

Plan for succession

You like your intern and think they do a good job ? In the current context of labour scarcity, do not hesitate to propose a potential return to your organization for its next internship. If she or he graduates soon, offer him a job! Plan your needs so as not to miss your chance to recruit a skilled workforce already trained to the standards of your company.

To proceed:

  1. Fill out the PDI form (click on “Complete the trainee’s final assessment”);
  2. Meet with the student to explain and share your comments in person;
  3. Read the work term report prepared by the student;
  4. If you wish to keep a copy of the evaluation, please save or print it at the latest two week after the end of the work term, after which date you will no longer have access to the PDI.