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Follow up with the SSDP

All interns will have an adapted follow-up with their professional development advisor during their internship. Please note that the SSDP also offers the same service for those supervising the internships at all times.

Follow-up with the SSDP mid-term

A meeting with all those who supervise internships will be organized by your intern’s professional development advisor to ensure the smooth running of the internship and to advise employers who feel the need. 

This meeting usually takes place virtually on Teams or in person in your offices. You can specify your preference by making an appointment with the counsellor.

The purpose of this visit is to:

  • check all aspects of the course, both from the trainee’s point of view and that of the person supervising the course;
  • discuss the student’s PDI or PAACT (so it is essential that you review it prior to the meeting).
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Who is your contact person at SSDP?

You can see the contact person of the professional development advisor assigned to your company on your employer profile on Trivio.

Contact us at or 819-821-7747 and we’ll get you in touch with the right person. 

The Professional Development Advisor acts as a FACILITATOR during the internship. He or she ensures that the interns have a good supervision, a stimulating mandate and is available to answer questions from the intern and the person supervising the internship.