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Supervise a trainee

Internships are extremely formative for students: they give them concrete professional foundations that will act as a real springboard when entering the job market. Take the opportunity to share your expertise with them!

Internship integration

Welcoming interns is essential for a beautiful internship experience. Take the time to plan your intern’s first days, they will feel more comfortable with their new team.

Internship follow-up

The internship follow-up is important to make the professional development advisor of your intern aware of the course of the internship. You will be contacted to make an appointment around the mid-term.


Is your intern participating in the PDI or PAACT?

For some sessions, some students have been enrolled in the PAACT. He or she can see on Moodle their access to the module. If your trainee does not see the PAACT as one of their courses, it is because they must use the PDI. For any questions, contact us now!

Final Evaluation

After reviewing your intern’s internship report, you will need to complete the final assessment in the PDI. Your comments are important, as the final decision of the SSDP (success or failure) will be partially based on the elements you have raised.