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Recruitment Activity

The Labour Market and Partnerships team can support you in organizing or developing recruitment activities of all kinds. Do business with us to make yourself known on our campuses!

  • Career days (fee applies)
    These annual job fair activities are organized by the Internship and Professional Development Department directly on the campuses of the Université de Sherbrooke. 
  • Corporate presentation (fee applies)
    Host a corporate lunch presentation to introduce your organization and career opportunities at home to the student community. We accompany you in the organization and invite directly the students concerned.
  • SSDP Instagram Takeover (fee applies)
    Show your internship environment and introduce your company to the university community by taking control of our instagram for a day. Stand out with the student community and involve your trainees in the takeover!
  • Displaying your activity on our website (free or fee applies)
    Send us your activity details now. Students will be able to consult the calendar of recruitment activities. A minimum of 5 working days before your activity is required.
  • Internship Excellence Scolarship
    For additional information on offering scholarships, please contact La Fondation de l'Université de Sherbrooke.