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Interviews and placement

At UdeS, there are three main recruitment periods (January, May and September) as our interns are available year round. That said, you can contact us at any time to submit an internship offer. The steps explained below will give you an idea of how to proceed.


Your obligations as an employer

The purpose of the cooperative system is to prepare students for their future careers, in particular through the acquisition of practical experience in real work situations. In addition, by hiring an intern, you agree to assume a role of trainer by helping the student develop his skills and knowledge, then discover his future profession.

Submit your internship offer

This operation is done on our investment platform Trivio. The form will allow you to present your internship offer and your organization, in addition to indicating the qualities and skills required to carry out your mandates.

Your offer will then be presented (among many others) to the students concerned. This is what we call the “posting period”. Students then apply for offers that interest them. We will then contact you to inform you that the applications are available.

It will now be up to you to choose the candidates you want to meet in a virtual interview, in order to find your intern.

The interviews and the applications

After the posting periods of internship offers, you will be able to consult the files of students who have applied (CVs, introductory letters, transcripts). You will then have to tell us which candidates you want to interview virtually.  We will then call the students concerned.

The choice of your intern (rating)

After each interview, you give a score to the candidate you meet, which we call “the rating”. For example, if you meet with five people, you will give Score 1 to your best candidate (your first choice out of five) and Score 5 to your last choice (or Score 0 if the person really didn’t suit you).

  • You must register your odds online on the Trivio platform.
    If you are experiencing difficulties, scan the schedule you received prior to your interviews, record your ratings and email it.

Note that the placement is currently ongoing from the beginning of the interviews: as soon as the employer submits its ratings (first come, first served); the chosen person has 24 hours to inform the employer of his choice on Trivio.