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Is your intern unsure if they are participating in the PAACT? If a student is registered, he or she will be able to see it among his or her courses on Moodle for the current session (internship session). Interns receive their access a few days before the start of their internship. For any questions, contact us.

Parcours accompagné d’autodéveloppement des compétences au travail

Internships offer students at Université de Sherbrooke countless opportunities to develop and consolidate their skills, while discovering their future profession and building their professional identity!

In order to optimize their professional development during the internship, your intern will carry out a self-supporting development course that includes activities to support his work during the internship. This course, which extends over ten hours of work to be carried out on their personal time, will focus on a module of his choice among different themes related to the labour market. You will quickly realize that these activities will help them get to know themselves better and improve their work delivery.

Do not hesitate to ask your intern about their choice of module and offer support. Your advice and sharing of experiences will encourage them to invest in their career!

Your involvement

During the entire internship, your intern will mainly seek to take advantage of your supervision to gather your comments on their work and ask you questions about your expectations. Take the opportunity to discuss their practice and ways of doing things.

When the mid-term period approaches, a professional development advisor from the Internship and Professional Development Department will contact you to inquire about the course of the internship. Find out more here!

From a document that will be given to you by your intern, you will be guided in the observations and comments to send them. When you are asked to complete it, your trainee will have already expressed their perception.

Once your section is complete, we ask you to discuss it together, sign it and give it to them. Afterwards, your intern can send the document directly to the Internship and Professional Development Department.

This step is important. You offer them an external, professional look at his know-how as well as other facets of his contribution to employment. We are counting on you!

UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The PAACT was developed with a view to incorporating sustainable development goals into certain skills development activities. The colorful logo of the UN SDGs will appear throughout the PAACT modules to remind the targeted trainees. 

« Inclusion, justice, food security, biodiversity…  the 17 SDGs adopted by the UN, which seek to ensure a better future for all communities by 2030, are universal in scope. Whether you have chosen to study law, administration, engineering or communication, you will have to meet social challenges and issues. Sought-after, the cross-cutting skills that enable them to work for the SDGs will allow tomorrow’s decision-makers to stand out, regardless of their professional field.»