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Welcoming interns

Welcoming interns is essential in a beautiful internship experience. You must make it a priority before the arrival of each trainee, the first impression is important.

Preparation is key!

Preparing for the arrival of your intern is an essential step, but too often forgotten. Organize his workspace and provide the necessary equipment for his work (computer, pencils, notebook...). If your intern needs to do training, plan ahead.

Also allow time in your schedule to explain the tasks to be performed and to answer his questions in the first days of the internship.


Do not forget to contact your intern in advance to advise him of the time and date of the start.

We invite you to specify the address of the internship environment, the equipment that your intern must provide (lunch, laptop, etc.) and the activities planned for the first day or days of the internship. 

[Translate to English:] Accueillir des stagiaires en télétravail

Welcome interns in remote work

Getting started in a new internship environment can be daunting for anyone, and this is especially true when you’re not physically present in the workplace, as are all of your colleagues.

A well-planned remote reception will however set the tone for the internship and allow your young recruit to feel welcome, supported and motivated.

Welcome your intern

It’s D-Day, your intern arrives at the office! Go and greet him at the entrance directly and make sure he or she feels comfortable with you. You can give him time to organize his workspace and take comfort with his equipment, but prioritize a first meeting from the first hours of the internship.

Feel free to show her around the office (cafeteria, wardrobe, etc.) and introduce her to colleagues. During your first meeting, remember to explain your expectations and determine your performance indicators. Your intern will then know what to expect and will be reassured by the coaching you will offer.

It is certain that each person is different and some will need more time to adapt to a new internship environment. Be attentive and ask your intern what he or she expects for his or her internship (type of coaching, level of autonomy, dream task, etc.) 

Don’t forget to follow up

Even when your intern knows their tasks and expectations, remember to follow up and make sure your intern is doing well and feels comfortable in their job. Weekly follow-up meetings (or depending on your needs and those of your intern) in a closed office are a good opportunity to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the internship. It will also be a good time for your intern to confide and share his concerns with you. 

Your intern is learning. Remember that! Be understanding and take on your role as a supervisor. Your intern will be grateful for your advice and feedback.