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Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the link at the bottom of the PDI’s home page and reset your password.

The access to the PDI is given by the student themselves. If you do not see a folder or access is denied is that the student has not given you access or entered a different email address than the one you are using. If the student has not publish is PDI, you will not be able to access so far. Please check with your student.

Yes. The student can provide access to two supervisors at the same time. If more than one supervisor has access to a student PDI, we suggest that you provide your initials with your comments.

No. The steps are essentially the same: analyze the work term objectives, discuss them with the student and complete a final assessment at the end of the work term. However, you may choose to follow the progress of your co-op student more closely and give your feedback on a regular basis during the work term.

No. The data will be available only for a limited time, two weeks after the end of the work term you will no longer have access to the student’s PDI. To keep a copy on file, click "Save As” on the toolbar or print the student file.

The suggested online evaluation in the fifth week of the work term is optional. You may decide to take this opportunity to share your comments and thoughts with your co-op student. Your feedback will help your student consolidate their experience and knowledge and make further progress during the work term.

However, we encourage you to comment on as many items as possible during the final evaluation to ensure your student’s growth and development and to maximize this experience.

Of course. The PDI is first and foremost a tool designed for co-op students. Your student can complete it online and then submit a paper copy to you, as done previously. You will then use the student’s Bilan and Final Evaluation Form to discuss their performance and progress.