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Laws and Codes

Successful recruitment of co-op students depends on the practices of three parties: the employer, the student and the associated educational institution. All parties involved must comply with provincial and federal laws in their recruitment and hiring practices.

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Act to ensure the protection of interns in the workplace

Effective since August 24, 2022

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SSDP Code of Ethics

The Service and the commitment of the stakeholders involved

Code of conduct

While the code of ethics refers more to values and principles with a moral or civic connotation to respect, the Internship and Professional Development Service (SSDP) also adopts additional guidelines on recruitment ethics in its Code of Conduct that allow for the development of a mutually beneficial and fair process for all concerned. The terms of this approach are classified into three distinct streams:

  • Respect the cooperative education policies and procedures, as well as the established recruitment process of the Université de Sherbrooke by using the Trivio platform for everything related to the publication of internship offers, the terms of interviews, the filing of job offers;
  • Provide complete and accurate information on internship offers (salary, internship location, possibility of teleworking, etc.);
  • Ensure to send within a reasonable time any request related to the candidates to be interviewed is: the name of the persons retained, the date, time, duration, modifications, cancellations, etc. For this purpose, no same day interview requests will be honoured;
  • Avoid putting pressure on the student about the job offer throughout the process, for example, by discussing job offers or rankings with them before, during or after an interview;
  • Ensure respect for candidates and equal opportunities in the recruitment process (non-discriminatory process);
  • The employer undertakes to take students on probation for whom it makes a hiring offer as part of the interview and placement process;
  • Actively follow up on posted positions (e.g. inform SSDP of cancelled or filled offers);
  • Confirm all job offers on Trivio
  • Promote winning conditions for student success (ex: Do not offer the student to turn his internship into a job and complete his part-time studies)

  • Respect the policies of the Université de Sherbrooke’s cooperative program;
  • Ensure that employers have accurate information about their knowledge and skills;
  • Inform the SSDP, as soon as possible, of any period during which it will be impossible for him to participate in interviews for the purposes of obtaining an internship by completing a request for a range of non-availability via his Trivio account. These non-availability ranges are dedicated to commitments such as exams and differ from absences due to unforeseen events such as illness. The student may refuse a job offer following an interview. However, an unjustified absence (e.g. lack of interest in the position) is not accepted;
  • Act ethically with employers by not disclosing information about other students or employers;
  • Applying on an internship offer implies a commitment to attend the interview for which you are invited and to behave professionally with the employer (e.g. even when you have other internship opportunities);
  • Honouring an internship accepted through the placement process;
  • Do not initiate a personal contact with an employer who has submitted an internship offer unless they have obtained the approval of a SSDP advisor;
  • To avoid scheduling conflicts, advise the SSDP by email at or by phone at 819-821-7747, if the process is out of scope, for example, by holding interviews not registered in Trivio.

  • Inform students, employers and other interested parties of institutional policies and procedures;
  • Provide equitable services to all students and employers;
  • Respond to reasonable requests from employers regarding job offers, interview space and presentation space;
  • Provide students with information on employers in the recruitment process.

This code is based on the Code of Conduct of the Canadian Co-operative Education Association. 
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Internships in accounting and taxation

  • This code of conduct applies to all firms that hire at the Université de Sherbrooke, whether they are signatories or not.

In order to help students interested in a trainee position leading to the CPA designation make an informed choice during university recruitment, the signatories of this Code of Conduct have committed themselves to a number of guiding principles, as well as certain rules of conduct. We invite students and all stakeholders to read them.

Read the Code of Conduct (French only)

Any situation, discomfort or questions relating to compliance with and application of the code of conduct, rules and guidelines set out above may be addressed directly to the Ethics Committee, composed of members of voluntary firms, at: