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Co-op Program at a Glance

In 1966, Université de Sherbrooke became the first Quebec educational institution to offer co-operative programs. It has since built its reputation as a true leader in the field, which largely contributes to its know-how, quality of its services, its pride and reputation (and that of its graduates!)

The co-operative education program at Université de Sherbrooke is an invaluable training method to ensure gradual integration of university students into today’s increasingly demanding job market. And for employers it is an effective and efficient way to identify their future employees.

Such workplace integration is achieved through alternating remunerated work terms and theoretical studies. Each year, almost 5,000 co-op work terms are completed in some thousand various companies and organizations in Quebec, Canada and abroad, with a 98% placement rate. Fourty-eight programs, academic paths and concentrations are now available in a co-op format. Nearly 5,000 students are enrolled in these programs.

Nowadays, Université de Sherbrooke ranks second in Canada and is among the top 10 higher education institutions in North America for the significance of its co-op system.