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Tools for Engagement and Feedback

With Timothy Campbell 

Are you looking for new ways to hear from all of your students in expressing their academic thoughts, gathering their opinions and soliciting their questions? 

This demonstration with participation and question and answer period will showcase different digital tools to elicit feedback through various classroom assessment techniques (CATs) such as polling for understanding, activating prior knowledge, gathering student opinions, and collecting exit tickets. The techniques demonstrated can be adapted to measure or address all types learning objectives or be used as a form of formative assessment. 

Participants will learn how to use tools that are appropriate for any learning space in which students can have access to a device and transform personal technology into a learning tool rather than a distraction.  

Come prepared to participate and experience engagement from the student perspective.  We will make logging in and participating as seamless as possible.

Partners and funding

These webinars and resources are part of a project funded by the ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur du Québec, under the responsibility of Professor Sawsen Lakhal (University of Sherbrooke). This project aims to support teachers in the development of their digital competency.