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Pedagogical Tips and Resources


Considering Sources and AI through an EDI Lens

In this new learning paradigm where ChatGPT might seem like it can speak in place of humans, this one-hour webinar will suggest concrete steps you can take to help students feel like they have the abilities to find materials that support their own individual voices so they can share their ways of seeing the world.  


Where Did You Get This?

This webinar provided strategies for Cegep teachers to support their students in navigating the internet.   

Being proactive about digital media literacy can help!

is ai a valid source

Is AI a Valid Source?

In this webinar, Sharon Coyle had explored:  

  • why we should pay attention to this tool 
  • examples of what it produces 
  • ways to address it in our teaching 
  • what pedagogical experts are suggesting 
Meaningful experience

Creating Meaningful Educational Experiences

So much has changed in the teaching and learning environment since 2020. First we coped, then we adapted, then we learned new skills and ways of engaging our students. Now we are back in the classroom and wondering how we move forward with this - let's admit it - enriched experience.