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Partnership organizational structure

Dedicated to the professional development of college teachers since 1973, Performa is a university level program based on a partnership between the University of Sherbrooke and the college system.

This partnership is founded on a mutual respect for the responsibilities of the parties involved. The Performa network consists of the University of Sherbrooke and its member-colleges.

Performa's distinctiveness lies in the fact that it provides educational personnel, particularly teachers, with customised continuing education programs featuring courses whose content and format vary according to the needs of participants and the nature of the programs.

With a local representative present in every member-college, Performa responds to the various pedagogical requirements identified in individual institutions as well as the entire network thanks to the cooperation of local representatives and members of the Comité mixte.

Performa's activities are designed and offered in collaboration with member-colleges in an institutional development, professional development and continuing education perspective and with the intent of establishing a coherent course of training across the entire network.

In addition to Performa's activities, the university and its member-colleges contribute to the development of college level pedagogy through research, facilitation and the dissemination of documents related to network needs.