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2023 RNA Society Lifetime Achievement in Service Award

Pr Benoit Chabot s’est vu décerner le « 2023 RNA Society Lifetime Achievement in Service Award ». Cette reconnaissance souligne les contributions exceptionnelles de Benoit à la RNA Society au fil des années.

Toutes nos félicitations pour cette reconnaissance exceptionnelle !!

Benoit Chabot, Professor at the Department of Microbiology at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at Université de University of Sherbrooke, Canada, is recognized for his extraordinary contributions to the RNA Society throughout the years. Benoit has been a member of the RNA Society since its founding and has played an integral part, serving as co-organizer of our Annual Meeting in 2001 (Banff) and 2009 (Madison) and lead organizer in 2014 (Québec City). Since 2015, Benoit has demonstrated exemplary commitment, vision and leadership as chair of the Meetings Committee. In this role, he ensured the success of the society’s Annual Meeting even under the very difficult circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. By being creative and bold, while maintaining a focus on how to best serve the Society, Benoit ensured that attendance at the annual meeting remained robust. Benoit also established a new initiative - the RNA Society Childcare, Dependent-care and Disability Allowance program. Apart from his efforts for the RNA Society, Benoit is recognized for his work promoting RNA science in Canada; he is a founding member of the RiboClub of Sherbrooke and has co-organized the annual RiboClub Symposium since the first meeting in 2000.