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Dernières publications

Vous trouverez dans cette section les dernières publications des membres de l'équipe.

Monson, E., Ng, K., Sibbick, H., Berbiche, D., Morvannou, A. (2023). Gender disparity in prestigious speaking roles: A study of 10 years of international conference programming in the field of gambling studies. PLoS ONE 18(6): e0286803. 

Domínguez-Cancino, K. A., Martínez, P., & Nazif-Munoz, J. I. (2023). Chile’s Tobacco Strategy: A Scoping Review of Tobacco Measures Over Time. SAGE Open, 13(2), 21582440231181392.

Martinez, P., Joseph, J. et Nazif-Munoz, J.I (2023) The absence of data on driving under the influence of alcohol in road traffic studies: a scoping review of non-randomized studies with vote counting based on the direction of effects of alcohol policies. Substance Abuse Treatment,  Prevention, and Policy, 18, 46. 

Tremblay, J., Dufour, M., Bertrand, K., Saint-Jacques, M., Ferland, F., Blanchette-Martin,N., Savard,  A-C.,  Côté,  M., Berbiche, D., Beaulieu, M. (2023). Efficacy of a randomized controlled trial of integrative couple treatment for pathological gambling (ICT-PG): 10-month follow-up. Consult Clinical Psychology 91(4) 221-233.