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Travelling to UdeS during COVID-19 pandemic

Below are tips and procedures, based on information updated on 08-02-2022

To study or work at the Université de Sherbrooke in the summer 2022, you must first obtain the immigration documents required for the duration of your trip and then follow the instructions to prepare for your entry into Canada.

Make sure you have all your documents in hand before you start making travel arrangements. And don't plan to arrive in Canada too early, as the border services officer may refuse you departure or entry. Allow only the two weeks of quarantine and a few days of settling in before starting your study or work project. 

Obtaining your immigration documents

Once the UdeS admission letter is in hand, international students must begin the process of obtaining the following immigration documents: 

Immigration documents (in French)

Preparing to enter Canada

In order to meet the requirements of the Government of Canada, international students must follow the guidelines outlined in the Institutional COVID-19 Plan below: