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Roxanne Rimstead

Rimstead, Roxanne

Professeure associée


Comparative Canadian Literature; Cultural Studies; Poverty Narratives and Class; Native Writing; Precarity Studies: Culture from Below; Feminist Criticism and Women’s Writing;Minority Writing; Life Writing and Oral Histories; Cultural Memory Studies; Theories of Space and Literature; Postcolonial Theory; School Narratives and Anti-school Theory; Resistance Writing; Prison Writing.


  • Formation
  • Domaines d'enseignement
  • Publications récentes
  • Prix et distinctions


  • B.A. (English), York University
  • M.A. (études anglaises) Montréal
  • Ph.D. (littérature comparée) U. de Montréal
  • Certificat (de la langue française) U. de Grenoble, France

Domaines d'enseignement

  • Comparative Canadian Literature
  • Introduction to Comparative Literature
  • Cultural Studies
  • Culture from Below, Class, Poverty, and Resistance Writing
  • Minority Writing
  • Indigenous Writing
  • Feminist Criticism and Women's Writing
  • Autobiography and Oral Histories
  • Cultural Memory
  • Postcolonial Literature
  • Intercultural Studies
  • Multicultural Fiction
  • Travel Writing and Exploration Literature
  • Space, Literature and Urban Fiction
  • School Narratives

Publications récentes

Livres, numéros spéciaux, Web-bibliographies, etc.

  • Rimstead, Roxanne and Domenic Beneventi. Eds and Introduction. Contested Spaces, Counter-narratives and Culture from Below in Canada and Québec. U of Toronto Press. 2019. (536 pages)
  • Domenic A. Beneventi, Roxanne Rimstead, et Simon Harel, Co-editors. La lutte pour l’espace: ville, performance, et culture d’en bas. University of Laval Press, Summer 2017. (511 pages)
  • Rimstead, Roxanne. The Remnants of Nation: On Poverty Narratives by Canadian Women. Toronto: U of Toronto P,  2001. (348 pages) Gabrielle Roy Prize 2001.
  • Reviews of Remnants of Nation: University of Toronto Quarterly, Canadian Letters Vol. 72, No.1 (2002); Canadian Literature #172 (2002); Essays on Canadian Writing #77 (2002); Resources in Feminist Research, OISE Vol.29, 3&4 (2003); English Studies in Canada (2003); European Legacy Vol. 9, no.1 (2004); The Yearbook of English Studies UK (Jan. 2004); British Journal of Canadian Studies UK (2003); Canadian Women Studies Vol.22. No. 3-4 (Spring 2003); Gender, Place, and Culture: A Journal of Feminist Geography Vol.9.4 USA (Dec. 2002); Journal of the West USA Vol. 42.2, Spring 2003; American Review of Canadian Studies USA March 22, 2004; Liaison U de Sherbrooke (2003); Science Media (2003). Mention Encyclopedia of Canadian Literature (2002), Ed. W.H. New and Cambridge Companion to Canadian Literature, Ed. Eva Marie Kröller (2004).
  • Rimstead, Roxanne, Guest Editor. Cultural Memory and Social Identity. Special Issue: Essays on Canadian Writing. #80. (Fall 2003). (329 pages)
  • Rimstead, Roxanne and Deena Rymhs, Guest editors and Introduction. Prison Writing/Writing Prison. Special Issue: Canadian Literature: A Quarterly. # 208 (Summer 2011). (125 pages)
  • Rimstead, Roxanne and the Culture from Below Group. Bilingual Web Bibliography. Culture from Below/La Culture d’en bas. May 2009. (113 pages).

Livres avec les étudiants

  • Intercultural Journeys/Parcours Interculturels : Actes des colloques en littérature  canadienne comparée, Université de Sherbrooke (2001-2002). Eds. Natasha Dagenais and Joanna Daxell. In collaboration with Roxanne Rimstead. Baldwin Mills: Topeda Hill, 2003. (269 pages).
  • Beyond Comparison : Actes du 5ième colloque en littérature canadienne comparée, Université de Sherbrooke (2004). Eds. Roxanne Rimstead, Michelle Ariss, Simon Gilbert, Suzanne O’Connor.  Baldwin Mills: Topeda Hill, 2005. (264 pages)
  • Perspectives Sub/Liminales: Actes des 6e et 7e Colloques Annuels en Littérature Canadienne Comparée. Eds.Michelle Ariss, and Simon Gilbert. In collaboration with Roxanne Rimstead. Baldwin Mills: Topeda Hill. 2009. (166 pages).
  • Roxanne Rimstead’s courses. Student web contributions.
  • Faculty contact for conference and selected proceedings, U Sherbrooke and U de Mtl.
  • Hétu, Dominique, et Nicholas Giguère, eds. Action radicale, sujet radical : Racines, Représentations, Symboles et Créations / Radical Action, Radical Subject : Roots, Representations, Symbols and Creations. Presses U Sherbrooke : Éditions de l’Université de Sherbrooke, 2015.

Articles ou chapitres de livres

  • Rimstead, Roxanne. « Knowing the Urban Other: Notes on the Ethics and Epistemology of Slumming in Novels and Reportage. Contested Spaces, Counter-narratives and Culture from Below in Canada and Québec. University of Toronto Press. Fall 2019. 30 pages. Jan. 2019.
  • Rimstead, Roxanne and Domenic Beneventi. “Reading Space through Conflict: Introduction.” Contested Spaces, Counter-narratives and Culture from Below in Canada and Québec. University of Toronto Press. Fall 2017. 35 pages.Jan. 2019.
  • Rimstead, Roxanne. “ ‘Slumming’ : les implications éthiques et épistémologiques de surveiller l’Autre dans le milieu urbain” 30 pages.  La lutte pour l’espace : ville, performance, contre-récits, et culture d’en bas. University of Laval Press, summer 2017. Translator: Kate Brown.
  • Rimstead, Roxanne and Domenic Beneventi. “Introduction : l’interrogation du conflit spatialisé.” 25 pages. La lutte pour l’espace : ville, performance, contre-récits, et culture d’en bas. University of Laval Press, Fall 2017. University of Laval Press, summer 2017. Translator: Kate Brown.
  • Rimstead, Roxanne. « États de siège dans la poésie urbaine d’en bas : « voisins pauvres » et communautés connaissables. » Traduit de l’anglais par Kate Brown. Figures du siège au Québec:
 Concertation et Conflits en Contexte Minoritaire. Corédigé par Simon Harel et Isabel St-Amand. Presses de l’Université Laval  2012.  pp. 253-71.
  • Rimstead, Roxanne. « Literary Futures and Utopic Longing. » Canadian Literature Quarterly. #204 (Summer 2010) : 146-9.
  • Rimstead, Roxanne. “Resistance from Below: Public and Hidden Transcripts in Residential-School Narratives.” Living In Canada : Accords & Dissonances - Colloque annuel international AFEC (Association Français des études canadiennes) Université de Grenoble (juin 2009). (15 pages)
  • Rimstead, Roxanne. « States of Siege in Urban Poetry from Below: “Poor Neighbours” and Knowable Communities. » Zones of Tension Research Team Web Page. 2009. (20 pages)
  • Rimstead, Roxanne. “ ‘Knowable Communities’ in Canadian Criticism.” Review 76 (Canadian Writing and Arts. Ed. Sylvia Söderlind). Routledge (May 2008) (20 pages).
  • Rimstead, Roxanne. “Used People: La Rivière sans repos as Postcolonial Poverty Narrative.” Canadian Literature. No. 192 (Spring 2007): 68-94.
  • Rimstead, Roxanne. “Remembering the Unemployed: The Role of Cultural Memory in Resistance Literature.”The Making of Memory: Working Papers from the Distinguished Speakers’ Series 2002-2003. Humanities Research Group: University of Windsor. Vol. 14. 2007. 26 pages. Web.
  • Rimstead, Roxanne. Double Take: The Uses of Memory Introduction. Cultural Memory and Social Identity. Special Issue Essayson Canadian Writing. Guest Editor, Roxanne Rimstead. #80. (Fall 2003): 1-15.
  • Rimstead, Roxanne. "Working-Class Intruders: Female Domestics in Kamouraska and Alias Grace". Canadian Literature-Anglo/Francophone Writing.  No. 175 (Winter, 2002): 44-65.
  • Rimstead, Roxanne. Between Theories and Anti-Theory: Moving Towards Marginal Women's Subjectivities. 1995. Rpt. What We Hold in Common: An Introduction to Working-Class Studies. Ed. Janet Zandy. New York: The Feminist Press at CUNY, 2001.  182-99.
  • Rimstead, Roxanne. Histórias orais como locus de resistência. (Trans. of Oral Histories as a Site of Resistance.) As Armas do Texto. Ed. Michael Peterson. L'Institute des Lettras da Universidade Fédérale do Rio Grande do Sul, Bresil. 2000. (26 pages).
  • Rimstead, Roxanne. Subverting 'Poor Me:' Interpreting Negative Constructions of Identity. The Language and Politics of Exclusion : Others in Discourse.  Ed. Steven Riggins. Series: Communications and Human Values. Thousand Oaks, California; London : Sage, 1997  249-80.
  • Rimstead, Roxanne.  Mediated Lives: Oral Histories and Cultural Memory. Essays on Canadian Writing.  Special Issue: Reading Canadian Autobiography. Guest Ed. Shirley Neuman. (Winter, 1996):  139-65.
  • Rimstead, Roxanne "What Working-Class Intellectuals Claim to Know." Race, Gender, and Class: An Interdisciplinary  Multicultural Journal. (CUNY) Ed.  Jean Belkhir.  Vol.4, No.1. 1996: 119-42.
  • Rimstead, Roxanne. Between Theories and Anti-Theory: Moving Towards Marginal Women's Subjectivities.  Women's Studies Quarterly.  Special Issue on Working -Class Studies. Ed. Janet Zandy. New York: The Feminist Press, Vol.XXII, 1&2 (Spring/Summer 1995):  199-218.
  • Rimstead, Roxanne. Visits and Homecomings: The Psycho-social Place(s) of Poverty in Narratives by Canadian Women. Textual Studies in Canada: Selected Papers from Aux Canadas Conference 1993. (Autumn 1994): 46-63.
  • Rimstead, Roxanne. Klee Wyck: Redefining Region Through Marginal Realities. Canadian  Literature. No. 130 (Autumn 1991):  29-50. (Don D. Walker Award, Western Literature Association USA)
  • Rimstead, Roxanne. Beyond Exclusion: On Reading Poverty Narratives by Canadian Women. Michigan Feminist Studies Journal. No. 6 (Fall 1991): 59-76.

Comptes rendus de livres

  • Rimstead, Roxanne. “Dust Prints in the Archive: Review of Canadian Women in Print(1750-1918)”by Carole Gerson in Tulsa Studies in Women’s Literature (Spring 2011).
  • Rimstead, Roxanne. Seeds in the Wind?: Review of Progressive Heritage: The Evolution of a Politically Radical Literary Tradition in Canada by James Doyle. Canadian Literature. (2004)
  • Rimstead, Roxanne. Fighting the Good Fight: Maude Barlow's Memoirs. Books in Canada. (May, 1999) 16-19.
  • Rimstead, Roxanne. Corps et souvenirs d'une jeune fille radicale. Review article on Bone Black: Memories of Girlhood and Black Looks: Race and Representation by bell hooks. Trans. Marie Lusignan. Spirale: Les politiques du corps. (mai-juin 1997). no. 154, 2,300 mots).
  • Rimstead, Roxanne. The Real National Struggle. Review of Treason of the Intellectuals: English Canada in the Post-Modern Period by Robin Mathews. Canadian Forum (July/August, 1996): 38-40.
  • Rimstead, Roxanne. Constructing Sisterhood with 'the Sense of the Sweep of History.' Review of All My Sisters by Clara Thomas. Essays in Canadian Writing No. 58 (Summer, 1996).
  • Rimstead, Roxanne. Science Saves the Family: A New Twist on the Family Values Debate. (Review of New Families, No Families? University of California) Surfaces. (electronic journal) Université de Montréal. V.1.0A.  December. 1994: 5-9. 
  • Rimstead, Roxanne. Faith and Iconoclasm. (Review of Tay John and the Cyclical Quest and Phoebs) Canadian Literature No. 131 (Winter, 1991): 210-12.

Communications depuis 2000 (sélectionnées)

  • Rimstead, Roxanne. “An Unimaginable Community: The Threat of Representing Symbolic Unity Among the Poor in the Americas.”XIIIe Séminaire international en études canadiennes. Universidad d’Holguin, Cuba. April, 2019.
  • Rimstead, Roxanne. “The Rita Joe Song Project as Counter-Cultural Performance: New Forms of Indigenous Testimony in Canada” Colloque à Université d’Holguin, Cuba – XIIe Séminaire international des études canadiennes. Holguin, Cuba. Avril 2018.
  • Rimstead, Roxanne. “Place-making Strategies in Slum Fiction.” Colloque internationale à U de Mtl -Le Laboratoire des villes : réflexions pour un Catalyseur d’imaginaires urbains. Montréal, Sept. 2018.
  • Rimstead, Roxanne. « Witnessing, Identity, and Talking Back: Indigenous Memory of Residential Schools in Canada. » l’Université de Bergen, Norway. 23 February 2017.
  • Rimstead, Roxanne. « Lifewriting and Residential School Narratives as Indigenous Testimony: Weapons of the Weak. » (Récits des pensionnats comme témoignages autochtones : les armes des faibles). L’Institut d’Obama, Université de Johannes Guttenberg Mayence, Germany. 21 February, 2017.
  • Rimstead, Roxanne. « Social Actors and the Weapons of the Weak: Indigenous Testimony to Residential Schools in Canada. » (Les acteurs sociaux et les armes du faible : les témoignages des pensionnats autochtones au Canada. XIe Séminaire international en études canadiennes. Universidad d’Holguin, Cuba. April, 2017.
  • Rimstead, Roxanne. « Rêver la révolte : Contre-récits des femmes de l'espace intérieur. » Rêve et espace : Colloque International et transdisciplinaire. U de Montréal, Sept. 2016.
  • Rimstead, Roxanne. « Puzzling over Indigenous Knowledge and Literary Forms. » X International Seminar in Canadian Studies. Universidad d’Holguin, Cuba. April 2016.
  • Rimstead, Roxanne. “Defying the Father’s House: Counter-narratives of Women and Domestic Space.”  IX International Seminar in Canadian Studies. Universidad d’Holguin, Cuba. April 2015.
  • Rimstead, Roxanne. “Anti-School Stories as Counter-Narratives.”« Analyse des discours hors-normes : approches, concepts et méthodes » Colloque international. Université de Sherbrooke. June, 2015.
  • Rimstead, Roxanne. “Decoding Competing Notions of Success and Failure in Canadian School Narratives.” VIII International Seminar in Canadian Studies. Universidad d’Holguin, Cuba. April 2014.
  • Rimstead, Roxanne. “Chained to Our Machines : « Expendability and Precarity in Work Poetry »” ACQL Congrès 2012 des Science Humaines, University of Victoria, Victoria, B.C. June, 2013.
  • Rimstead, Roxanne. The Micro- and Macro-Politics of Precarity in Lorna Crozier’s Small Beneath the Sky (2009) and Jeff Derksen’s Transnational Muscle Cars (2003) International Seminar in Canadian Studies. Universidad d’Holguin, Cuba. April 2013.
  • Rimstead, Roxanne. Home as Transformable Space in Urban Fiction by Canadian and Québécois Women Écritures des femmes au Canada et au Québec aujourd’hui : alliances/transgressions/trahisons, (Trudeau Foundation et Canadian Lit. Centre, U of Alberta) The Banff Centre, Alberta. Oct. 2012.
  • Rimstead, Roxanne. Social Cosmologies and 'Wasted Lives' in Rawi Hage's Cockroach. ACQL/CLACLAS Congrès 2012 des Scieces Humaines, University of Waterloo, Ont. May, 2012.
  • Rimstead, Roxanne. “Out of the Depths: Social Cosmologies and Dislocation in Residential School Narratives » 6th International Seminar in Canadian Studies. Universidad d’Holguin, Cuba. April 2012.

  • Rimstead, Roxanne. “A Space for Organic Intellectuals?: Utopic Longing in Canadian Criticism. » ACSUS Association for Canadian Studies in the United States, Ottawa, Nov. 2011.
  • Rimstead, Roxanne. “Reading Residential School Narratives as Prison Writing” 5th International Seminar in Canadian Studies. Universidad d’Holguin, Cuba. April 2011.
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  • Rimstead, Roxanne. “‘Keeping the Wolf from the Door’: The Politics of Eviction and Forced Exile in Canadian Literature.” Colloque annuel de l’ACQL (Association of Canadian and Québec Literatures). CFHSS. Concordia. Montréal. May 2010.
  • Rimstead, Roxanne. « Social Cosmologies and Utopian Longing: Narrative Frames for Wasted Lives » Où va la culture? : La mobilité culturelle. UQAM. Apr. 2010.
  • Rimstead, Roxanne. « Surviving Poor Housing in Canadian Urban Literature: Home as Transformable Personal Space. » IV International Seminar of Canadian Studies. Universidad de  Holguin (avec University of Western Ontario) Cuba. avril, 2010.
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  • Rimstead, Roxanne.  “Resistance from Below: Public and Hidden Transcripts in Residential-School Narratives.” Living in Canada: Accord et dissonances. Université de Grenoble, France. June 2009.
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  • Rimstead, Roxanne. Poor Neighbors: Literary Ghettos as 'Knowable Communities.' NEMLA Buffalo, New York. USA April 2007.
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  • Rimstead, Roxanne. “An  Unimaginable Community : The Threat of Symbolic Unity among the Poor in the Americas.” IASA International American Studies Association. Second World Congress. Ottawa, August,  2005.
  • Rimstead, Roxanne. “Radical Readings of Poverty Narratives across the Disciplines.” Race, Gender, and Class Conference. Southern University at New Orleans. Sept. 2004.
  • Rimstead, Roxanne. “Testimony and Class Hierarchy in Canada and Quebec.” (ACQL/CCLA) HSFCC University of Manitoba. May 2004.
  • Rimstead, Roxanne. “Remembering the Unemployed: The Documentary Moment and Utopian Energy.” Cultural Studies Association of Canada: Inaugural Conference, McMaster University. Feb. 2003.
  • Rimstead, Roxanne. “ ‘The Servant’s Hand:’ The Cultural Politics of Female Domestics in Canadian Literature. “ MCRTW. Speakers Series. McGill University. Nov.  2002.
  • Rimstead, Roxanne. “Space and Class Identity: The Working-class Intruder in The Titanic, Sorry, Wrong Number  and Alias Grace.” Race, Gender, and Class Conference 2000. Southern University at New Orleans. Oct.  2000.
  • Rimstead, Roxanne.  “Realist Acts of Memory: Testimony and Continuity.” International Comparative Literature Association Conference. Pretoria, Univesity of Pretoria, South Africa. Aug. 2000.

Communications invitées depuis 2000 (sélectionnées)

  • 2019 “Planetary Slumming: Radical Representations of Poverty as Transgressive Counter-narratives.” L’espace planétaire : Les humanités au carrefour du local et du post-global. Université Babes-Bolyai de Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
  • 2017 Invitée d’honneur. « Time is on Our Side: The ‘Evolution’of Comparative Canadian Literature.» Time and Literature : Colloque des étudiants des cycles supérieurs (collaborations Universités Laval et Sherbrooke). Québec City.
  • 2015 “The Wrong Side of the Tracks: Reading Class and Poverty in Urban Space.” Études anglaises. Speaker Series. U de Montréal. Études anglaise. Nov.29
  • 2012 Cosmologies of Desire:  Reading the Social Logic of Precarity and Hierarchies in Contemporary Times Videoconference. Sherbrooke/U de Montréal.
  • 2012 “Déambulations Poétiques et Politiques (Regards Sur Le Conflit Étudiant).” Table Ronde. Trajectoires Montréal. U de Montréal.
  • 2011 “The In’s and Out’s of Eviction Narratives: The Struggle for Space in Canadian Literature.” McGill Institute for the Study of Canada. 
  • 2010 « Canadian Literature and the National Imaginary. » l’Université de Bourgogne à Dijon, France.
  • 2009 “Utopian Longing and Literary Futures.” 50th Gala of Canadian Literature. University of British Columbia. Vancouver.
  • 2009  L'interprétation des témoignages, des autobiographies et des récits littéraires comme savoir radical - les récits de pauvreté sur les femmes dans le besoin, les femmes ‘en service’ et celles de la rue. Centre des sciences de Montréal. Forum publique FQRSC pour sept chercheurs innovants.
  • 2007 Culture from below in Canada: Community, Cultural Agency, and Empowerment. McGill Institute for the Study of Canada. Lunch & Learn Speakers Series. Montréal.
  • 2007 Zones of Tension, Expressing Conflict: Culture from below in Canada. FQRSC. Speakers Series. UQAM, Montréal.
  • 2005 “Les récits cachés : Le chômage dans la littérature.” CELAT UQAM Montréal.
  • 2006-2020 Fourteen annual talks on Can. novels for Montreal Women’s Reading Club. (For example, “Native Identity in Michael Dorris' A Yellow Raft in Blue Water,”  “Margaret Laurence – Fiction and Biography.” “Incest in The Cure for Death by Lightning” “Captivity in Room,” “The Ideology of Poverty in The Glass Castle” )
  • 2004 “The Future of Comparative Literature: Reviewing Gayatri Spivak’s Death of a Discipline.” Invited: Roundtable Université de Montreal, Littérature Comparée.
  • 2003 ”Testifying to Need: Bonheur d’occasion as Poverty Narrative.” Invited by Gabrielle Roy Research Team (SSHRC funded) – New approaches to Gabrielle Roy - McGill University.
  • 2002  Public keynote. “Literary Testimony: The Revival of Realist Memory Acts in a Post-modern Age.” Humanities Research Group. Faculty Colloquium. University of Windsor.
  • 2002-3 Visiting Scholar at MCRTW, five guest lectures, undergrad and grad seminars McGill Dept. of English and MCRTW

Prix et distinctions

  • 2001 Gabrielle Roy Prize (ACQL/ALCQ Association of Canadian and Quebec Literatures). Book prize for the best critical book of the year on Canadian Literature in English for 2001 for Remnants of Nation: On Poverty Narratives by Women. Nominated by U of Toronto Press.
  • 2017-present  Honorary Professor (Profesor Invitado)Universidad d’Holguin, Cuba.  (Life-time title, Ministry of Education, Cuba) to honour collaborative work in Canadian Studies in Cuba since 2009).
  • 2004 Distinguished Alumni Award. (Diplomée honorée, Médaille honorifique de l’Université de Montréal for “her exceptional contribution for the body of her work on poverty and women and for her engagement in training young researchers in Quebec.” This award was created in honour of the 125e anniversary of U de Mtl. Nominated by the Faculté des Arts et Sciences. Hommage à Mme Rimstead
  • 1992 The Don D. Walker Award. Western Literature Association (USA, Canada), for the most significant essay of the year in the field (See Klee Wyck under articles below).
  • 2010 Visiting Professor, (Professeure invitée) Université de Bourgogne à Dijon, France.
  • 2002-2005 ACQL/ALCQ (President, Past President, Vice-President) Association of Canadian and Quebec Literatures.
  • 2002-3 Visiting Scholar, McGill Centre for Research and Teaching on Women.
  • 1998-99 Visiting Scholar, Dept. of English, McGill University.
  • 1995-8  Assistant Professor Special Status (3yr. non-renewable). Joint appointment MISC (McGill Institute for the Study of Canada) and English Department, McGill University.
  • Member of Editorial Boards 2001-2021, Canadian Literature: A Quarterly, University of British Columbia; 2012-2017 Tulsa Studies in Women’s Literature, University of Tulsa, USA. 1998-2020 Race, Class, and Gender: A Multicultural Journal, Southern University of New Orleans, USA.