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GreenMetric Ranking 2022

UdeS is 1st in sustainable development in Canada for a 10th year

Sherbrooke, le 19 décembre 2022 – For a 10th year, Université de Sherbrooke is at the top of the international GreenMetric ranking with the highest score among Canadian universities. Globally, UdeS ranks 16th out of the 1050 universities from 85 countries listed in the 2022 UI GreenMetric World University Ranking (WUR) and is 4th in North America.

UdeS received an overall score of 8,965 out of a possible 10,000 points, which were compiled over 51 indicators divided into 6 categories: settings and infrastructure, energy and climate change, waste, water, transportation, and education and research.

“Our institution's top position in Canada comes from our bold collective desire to apply sustainable development to not only our university and campus life management plan but also our missions of research, teaching, innovation and social commitment,” said Denyse Rémillard, Deputy Rector and Vice-President, Administration and Sustainable Development at UdeS.

UdeS ranked first in Canada in 5 of the 6 categories evaluated. The institution is particularly proud of the practices it has put in place to manage its water and energy, adapt to climate change, and uphold biodiversity.

Responsible water management

The University recognizes the importance of applying integrated water management and has implemented multiple actions to protect and develop this resource.

For example, the institution has installed many types of energy-efficient appliances, such as the new low-flow showers in its residences and sports centres. It also replaced a water cooling tower at the John-S.-Bourque Pavilion with an air-cooling system, which has reduced the use of potable water at this site by 90%.

These good practices can also be seen outside its buildings. For example, the beautiful Cœur campus was built in 2009 to slow down the runoff of rainwater and purify this resource. These actions and many more have helped the University save over 60% of its potable water since 2000.

Carbon neutrality achieved 8 years ahead of schedule

UdeS is brimming with green initiatives that have led to remarkable results. For the past 20 years, UdeS has scaled up its actions to minimize its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and its energy consumption. All of this work has paid off, as on June 16, UdeS announced that it will become carbon neutral for its Scope 1 and 2 emissions this year, which is 8 years earlier than expected.

Being carbon neutral means having a zero balance of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. To achieve this, UdeS reduced as many GHGs as possible at the source and offset the rest through the purchase of certified carbon credits.

A strong commitment to protecting biodiversity

Biodiversity is a key field of expertise for multiple specialists at UdeS in addition to being a point of concern for protection.

For years, biodiversity and ecosystem connectivity have been an integral part of UdeS's campus development decisions. While also integrating these components into different planning tools, UdeS is carrying out an analysis to deploy a biodiversity action plan for all campuses over the next few years.

In close collaboration with local partners, UdeS is deploying many conservation initiatives for land holdings with a high ecological value, such as Johnville Bog & Forest Park and Mont-Bellevue Park. UdeS is also working with the Ville de Sherbrooke to have Mont-Bellevue Park recognized as a nature reserve under Quebec’s Natural Heritage Conservation Act. As the owner of three quarters of this land area, UdeS wants to preserve and soundly manage this natural urban gem.

Through all of these measures recognized once again by the GreenMetric 2022 ranking, UdeS has shown an exemplary and inspiring commitment to sustainable development.

About the IU GreenMetric World University Ranking

Published annually since 2010, the UI GreenMetric WUR compares indicators measured by universities to promote sustainable development on their campuses and manage their environmental challenges. This annual ranking also fosters inter-institutional collaboration.

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Isabelle Huard, Media Relations Advisor
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