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Plasma Etcher STS Advanced Silicon Etch ASE


Silicon etching by high-density plasma or XeF₂ etching

Manufacturer and model

STS - Multiplex Advanced Silicon Etch (ASE-SR) ICP system

Technical specifications

  • Temperature of the electrode (plate): 5 to 40 ° C
  • ICP source: up to 1 kW at 13.56 MHz
  • Plate source: 0-300 W at 13.56 MHz, or 0-300 W @ 380 kHz
  • Process gases installed on the system: Ar, SF₆, C₄F₈, O₂
  • Sample size: substrates up to 100 mm diameter; Possibility to work with small samples

Examples of available processes

  • Etching of Si and Ge.
  • Deep engraving for MEMS
  • Bosch etching (alternating etching steps and passivation)
  • Etching by semi-Bosch procedure
  • Etching of SOI
  • Isotropic etching of Si