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15 Years of Innovation

The 3IT is celebrating 15 years in operation in 2023. A veritable collaborative innovation hub, the 3IT has contributed to the evolution of advanced research and the development of numerous technology solutions throughout the years. Learn about the significant impact of the 3IT through the accounts provided by passionate team members in this video series.

Solar Energy

As owner of the largest solar park devoted to partnership research in Canada, the Université de Sherbrooke has become a major hub of attraction in the domain. In cutting-edge laboratories, research teams are developing solar technologies that are promising for the environment and might soon be utilized in space! 


Smart assistive robots that interact with seniors have been developed by a research team at the 3IT. Thanks to their complementary expertise, the members of this team can carry out the full innovation chain from conception to robot, including evaluation in a real-world environment.

Infrared Camera

The 3IT and its partners have won a global competition to develop a high-performance infrared camera. Such success in terms of innovation and technological transfer would not have been possible without the synergy of the team composed of people from the research community and industry.

Spatial Resolution

The 3IT has been recognized worldwide for its expertise in developing high-precision scanners with unparalleled image quality. Over the past 15 years, research in this area has been evolving at a blistering pace, making promising advances in detecting brain tumours and Alzheimer’s disease. 

Magnetorheologic Actuator

Through its multidisciplinary environment and the access to its state-of-the-art equipment, the 3IT offers an environment conducive to entrepreneurial projects. An example is Exonetik, one of the first companies to emerge from the 3IT which designs high-performance magnetorheologic actuators.

The Next Generation

Audrey Corbeil Therrien and David Rancourt embody the new generation of researchers at the 3IT. Their research is focused on current sustainable development issues: The environmental impact of the energy consumption of artificial intelligence, and forms of energy for the aeronautics of tomorrow.