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AML Wafer Bonder


Assembly of substrates or samples by direct, anodic, eutectic or polymeric bonding

Manufacturer and model

Applied Microengineering Ltd - AWB-04

Technical specifications

  • Small samples and 100mm substrates
  • Clamping of samples of 1cm x 1cm, 75mm and 100mm
  • Visible and IR alignment for substrates of 75mm and 100mm
  • Assembly under atmosphere and vacuum (~ 0.1mTorr)
  • Independent heating of platen up to 500°C
  • Anodic bonding up to 2.5kV limited current
  • Activation by O₂ plasma
  • Minimum assembly force of 150N
  • Maximum assembly force of 25kN
  • Water vapor injection

Examples of available processes

  • Direct Si / Si bonding with plasma activation
  • Anodic bonding of Pyrex substrates