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Mask aligner OAI 806 MBA


UV exposure instrument for photolithographic masks with frontend substrate alignment and possibility of backend alignment

3 modes : hard contact, N2 hard contact and Vacuum contact

Manufacturer and model

OAI- Optical Associates Inc. -806 MBA

Technical specifications

  • Resolution 0.8 μm
  • UV lamp 350W emitting at wavelengths between 220 nm and 436 nm
  • Maximum substrate diameter: 6 in
  • Maximum dimensions of masks: 7 x 7 squares
  • Compatible with the use of small samples and masks 4 x 4 and 5 x 5

Examples of available processes

  • Exposition of various resins (Shipley, AZ, SU8, Futurrex, dry film, etc.) according to predefined patterns for carrying out:
    • Semiconductor microstructures (on Si, III-V compounds, etc.) and metal microstructures
    • Implantation masks
    • Engraving masks
    • Lifting masks
    • Plating masks
    • Permanent component for waveguides or microfluidic channels