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Semi-automatic micro-wiring (wire bonding) system for electrical connections between the chip and the substrate through a thin wire or a gold, aluminum or copper ribbon.



Work table

21 cm x 26cm


Heated work stand

Support #1 : 100 mm x 100 mm

Support #2: 90 mm diameter


Temperature up to 250°C

Adjustable height

Maintenance of samples mechanically or by suction

Z-displacement of the head

17 mm

1 µm increment

Type of weld

Wedge bonding

Round wire Au, Al, Cu: 17.5 to 75 μm


Ball/Bump bonding

Round wire Au, Cu: 15 to 50 μm


Ribbon bonding

Ruban Au, Al, Cu : max. 25 μm x 250 μm






Transducer frequency

63.3 kHz


Ultrasonic power

0-10 watts


Programmable welding time

0 to 10 sec.


Programmable welding force

15 g to 150 g


Number of programs that can be recorded