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Automated system of non-contact glue deposition and deposit of solder paste.

Two different deposit heads are available: Jett printer and valve auger. 



Jett printer DJ-9500

 Diameter of the drop

< 400 µm (According to the chosen accessory)


< 3 nl

Deposit speed

200 drop per second

Valve Auger DV-800

Solder paste type

Type 3, 4, 5, and 6

Diameter of the drop

< 0.5 mm (According to the chosen needle)

Jett Printer Applications

  • Underfill
  • BGA Solder Ball Reinforcement
  • Chip Scale Packaging
  • Cavity fill
  • Die attach
  • Lid Seal
  • Chip Encapsulation
  • No Flow Underfill
  • Conductive Adhesive
  • Medical Device Assembly

Valve Auger Applications

  • Dams
  • Die Attach
  • Lid Sealants
  • Thermal Grease
  • Solder paste dispensing