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The Nordson DAGE 4000Plus can perform pull/push test and shear test for micro-cables (wire bond) and flip chips. The results obtained by the Nordson DAGE 4000Plus are displayed using profile, histogram, trend, Pareto and statistics.



Size of the sample held by the vice

10 mm à 100 mm

XY table dimensions

160 mm x 160 mm

Pull cartridge

Pushes up to 50 kg load

Pull up to 100 kg load

Shear cartridge

Ball shears

Shear force up to 200 kg

Speed : up to 50 mm/sec

Several cartridges available on request. Contact the team at

Machine precision

Full sys accuracy using loading cartridges

± 0.1 % deflection

Accuracy of cartridge recoil in shear, excluding the S25 cartridge

± 1 µm over 2 mm ont the Z axis


Cartridge Recoil Accuracy S25

± 0.25 µm over 2 mm ont the Z axis

Possible tests

Pull testsShear Test


RibbonSolder ball
Hot bump/pin pullStandard die shear
Copper wire bonds, studs and pillarsCavity
Stud bumpPassivation layer
VectorLow profile zone shear
FatigueWafer bump
Tweezer peelLow profile die shear
High force pull (up to 100 kg)High force die shear
Vertical stud pullHorizontal stud pull
Die pull/flip chip pullCu pillar shear
Cold bump pullMicro bump shear

Meets the following industry standards:

Cold bump pull/Hot bump pullEITA EIAJ ET-7407/IPC-9708
BGA bump shearJEDEC JESD22-B117A
Cold bump pullJEDEC JESD22-B115
Au ball shearJEDEC JESD22-B116
Ball bond shearASTM F1269
Wire pullDT/NDT MIL STD 883
Stud pullMIL STD 883
Flip chip pullJEDEC JESD22-B109