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Convection oven for reflow during assembly of prototype SMT components having the following characteristics:

  • Certified lead free
  • Computer-adjustable temperature profiles
  • Two-sided welding allowed
  • Welding with Nitrogen environment possible


Max. PCB width230 mm x 305 mm (9 x 12)

Maximum height including pcb is 30.0 mm (1.18)

Space required at the edge of PCB

Top : 0.0 mm (0.0)


Bottom : 2.4 mm (0.079)

Space required for PCB support bars.

In case there is an assembly on both sides, it takes 2.4 mm (0.079) on the sides.

This value does not include the space needed to manipulate it.

Max. Temperature preheating

220 °C

999 s

Max. Reflow temperature

320 °C

600 s

Max. heat treatment

220 °C

64h (long term)

Max. power

3200 watts (Printing)


Temperature stabilization time

< 5 min