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Submit your application for PhD program

Step 1 : Check your eligibility

On the official form of your program, please consult the Admission and requierements tab : 

Step 2 : Prepare your documents

  1. A copy of all your university (undergraduate and graduate) transcripts.
  2. A copy of all your diplomas
  3. A cover letter in which :
    1. you identify the professor who has shown interest in supervising your research;
    2. you describe shortly the subject of your expected research;
    3. you summarize your research experience.
  4. Your résumé (CV).
  5. Three recommendation forms completed by your previous engineering professors. These documents must be sent by the professors themselves according to the instructions provided on the form. If you hold a master's degree in engineering from the Université de Sherbrooke, you are required to submit only one recommendation form completed by a professor other than your future research supervisor
  6. Your master's thesis or a document describing your master's research (abstract).
  7. An attestation of French or English language proficiency if your prior studies were in a different language. 

If you do not master French, submit one of the following documents attesting to your proficiency in English reading, speaking and writing : 

  1. Diplomas and transcripts attesting to the completion of studies in English;
  2. Your grades on a recognized IELTS 6.5, internet-based TOEFL 86, or paper-based TOEFL 567 test (minimum score of 20 for each module: writing, reading, speaking and listening) or TOEIC 750.

With the exception of recommendation forms, please send your documents to the Registrar's Office.

Recommendation forms must be sent by the professors themselves by email to

Step 3 : Submit your application

Follow the instructions for submitting your application