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B.A. in English and Intercultural Studies

Baccalauréat en études anglaises et interculturelles
Présentation en français

Carving out a future in languages and culture

This program enables students to develop specialized English-language skills while broadening their culture. Areas of study include literature in English, languages, cultures, digital humanities, translation, writing and communication, in a bilingual environment. A good command of English is a prerequisite, given that this is the language of instruction for most of the courses in the program.

Students are led to explore the role of English across the world from a global perspective and in relation to other languages, and French in particular. Over the course of this intercultural program, students examine how the concepts of ethnicity, nation, identity and cultural borrowing shape language usage as well as literary expression. The B.A. is very much in keeping with the tradition of cultural studies.

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The Bachelor’s in English and Intercultural Studies includes one of the following certificates (in French): arts visuels, communication appliquée, études féministes et des genres, études littéraires et culturelles, études politiques, français langue seconde, histoire, multidisciplinaire, philosophie, psychologie, relations internationales, sciences du langage, traduction ou travail social.

Laying the groundwork for your professional future

Thanks to its flexibility, this program opens up a myriad of doors in diverse fields. Graduates are able to draw on an array of skills, giving them excellent employment prospects in Quebec, Canada and abroad.

  • Introduction to Comparative Literature
  • Indigenous Literature
  • Introduction to Translation, French to English
  • Intercultural Studies
  • Advanced Writing Skills
  • Introduction to Linguistics
  • Introduction to Literature
  • The Narrative
  • Digital Technologies for the Humanities
  • Comparative Canadian Literature
  • Second Language Acquisition
  • Reading Genders and Sexualities
  • Canadian Literature and Film
  • Ecocriticism and Literature
  • Women Writers
  • English-Canadian Poetry
  • Science and Literature
  • Literary Theory and Criticism
  • American Literature
  • Postcolonial Literatures in English
  • Comparative Stylistics, French-English
  • The Origins of Modern English
  • Digital Literature
  • Writing for the Print Media
  • Editing
  • Initiation à la traduction
  • Second or Foreign Languages: Abenaki, German, Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Spanish, French and Italian

Candidates from outside Quebec

Candidates from outside Quebec who do not meet the general requirements for undergraduate admission, but who submit an outstanding application, may be admitted directly to the B.A. in English and Intercultural Studies: Professional Writing, Literature and Translation, conditional upon completing 30 credits of propedeutic (preliminary) studies. However, these propedeutic studies may not be credited toward the B.A.

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