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Chemical Mechanical Planarization - CMP


Polishing and planarization tool for insulating, semiconducting or metallic thin films.

Manufacturer and model

Alpsitec - E460

Technical specifications

  • Thicknesses of films from 20 nm to 2 μm
  • Support for 4 wafer, square samples of 10 x 10 and 22 x 22 mm2
  • Acidic, basic or neutral polishing solutions with silica, alumina, or cerium

Examples of available processes

  • Planarization of nanometric junctions for the manufacture of nanoelectronic devices of RRAM, SET, MIM type
  • Planarization of metallic nanowires
  • Polishing of Si₃N₄, SiO₂ to reduce surface roughness
  • Planarization of gold microstructures