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Microscope Zeiss Orion NanoFab


Seamlessly switch between neon and helium beams with ORION NanoFab:

  • Use the neon beam to machine nanostructures at great speed and achieve high throughput
  • Use the helium beam to create delicate sub-10 nm structures
  • Generate high resolution images with depth of field 5 to 10 times greater than FE-SEMs and a resolution down to 0.5 nm

Manufacturer and model

Carl Zeiss Microscopy - Orion NanoFab

Technical specifications

  • Fast machining of sub-10 nm structures
  • Gas injection system (GIS) allows deposition of conducting (Pt) and isolating (TEOS) materials as well as silicon etching (XeF2)
  • High resolution imaging (0.5 nm)
  • Sample travel:
    • X: 50 mm motorised
    • Y: 50 mm motorised
    • Z: 8 mm motorised
    • Rotation: 360° motorised (compucentric)
    • Tilt: -5° à 54° motorised (eucentric)

Examples of available processes

  • Observation of isolating materials, thanks to the flood gun that allows to overcome the problem of the specimen becoming positively charged