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Microcalorimetry Station


Biochemical characterizations by measurement of heat exchange in microvolumes.

Technical specifications

  • Based on an isothermal microfabricated calorimeter with a planar differential conduction, 50 Cr / Ni junctions of 1 cm length on a quartz of 200 μm thick
  • Measurement on drops of 1 to 20 μl or well of a few tens of μl
  • Surface or volume measurement
  • Sensitivity: 0.675 V / W
  • Integrated electrical calibration
  • Piloted by Labview via an NI cRIO module with thermopile voltage measurement by a Keithley 2182A nanovoltmeter
  • Installation in a closed cabinet with temperature control of the substrate by a Peltier element

Examples of available processes

  • Evaporation and dilution enthalpy measurement
  • Microtitration