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Dektak profilometer


Profile measurement by contact using a stylus scanned on the sample surface.

Manufacturer and model

Veeco (Brüker) Dektak 150

Technical specifications

  • Substrate size: up to 200 mm
  • Max scan length: 55 mm, 150 mm with stitching
  • Resolution: 0.1 nm (range of 6.5 μm)
  • Scales (range): 1 mm, 524 μm, 65 μm and 6.5 μm
  • Strength on stylus: adjustable from 30 ug to 30 mg
  • Tip radius: 2.5 um or 12.5 um

Examples of available processes

Profiles measurement and metrology, 3D maps, roughness, bend radius and estimation of thin layers stress