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Phototransducer Station


Electrical characterization of phototransducers using infrared lasers.                            

Technical specifications

  • Electrical measurements by a Keithley 2601B (40V-3A) SMU made on a copper plate, on Peltier, at a temperature controlled by a Keithley TEC 2510
  • Fiber and continuous infrared lasers
  • Angle of divergence N.A. = 0.22
  • Class 4: WaveSpectrum 830nm-5W
  • WaveSpectrum 850nm-5W
  • LDX 860nm-4W
  • BWT 808nm-50W
  • BWT 830nm-20W
  • BWT 915 nm-20W
  • These lasers are controlled by their own control box or by a voltage generator Sorensen and Rohde and Schwarz HMP2020 (32V-10A) and cooled with a Peltier and Keithley TEC 2510.
  • Installation in an cabinet protected by curtains with binoculars and microtips.

Examples of available processes

  • Electrical characterization, using infrared lasers, of phototransducers (bare die or on substrate or in a FC, ST or SMA receptacle).