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Ellipsometer Alpha-SE


Measurement of the thickness and refractive index of dielectric, semiconductor or organic layers and of multilayer structures

Manufacturer and model

J.A. Woollam Co. Inc. Alpha-SE

Technical specifications

  • Maximum substrate diameter: 8
  • Small samples compatible
  • Spectral range 370 to 900 nm (180 wavelengths)
  • Analysis software allowing the optical dispersion to be taken into account according to several models (Cauchy, Sellmeier, Lorentz, Tauc Lorentz gaussien, etc.), index gradation, and surface or interface roughness

Examples of available processes

  • Thickness measurement of thin layers (dielectrics, semiconductors ...)
  • Optical properties measurement of thin layers (refractive index, absorption coefficient, optical gap, etc.) 
  • Surfaces characterization