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3D confocal laser microscope


The confocal 3D laser microscope allows two main functions: observation with magnification and shape measurement.

Equipped with a UV laser and objectives with various magnification values, sharp images can be obtained even at high magnification. In addition, being confocal, a clear image of a region can be obtained even if there are local variations in height of the surface due to the inclination of the sample for example, or to significant differences in height in the topologies surface.

Thanks to the focus variation system, possibility of multiple images and the focal position height data, 3D images of the surface under observation are reconstructed.

In addition, the user can select various measurements to be made on the images obtained.

Manufacturer and model

Keyence - VK-X1100

Technical specifications

  • Light sources: white light, UV light
  • Objectives: 5X, 10X, 20X, 50X and 150X
  • Analysis software

Examples of available processes

Optical and laser micrographs, 3D views, roughness measurements, dimension measurement from a profile, measurement on transparent films, etc.