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MDP - Contactless electrical semiconductor characterization


Caractérisation sans contact et non-destructive des propriétés électriques des matériaux.

Manufacturer & model

Freiberg Instruments GmbH MDPspot

Technical specifications

  • Laser pulses: 20 ns - 20 ms
  • Materials: silicon n and p, from 0.1 Ωcm to 1000 Ωcm
  • Thickness: from 100μm to 156mm
  • Geometry of the samples: 5mm x 5mm pieces, waffles, bricks.

Examples of available processes

  • The system can perform spot measurements but it is possible to manually map with limited accuracy
  • Evaluation of the homogeneity of passivation
  • Detection of defects / impurities in materials
  • Measurement of photoconductivity
  • Measuring the lifetime of minority carriers using the microwave-detected photoconductivity (MDP) method or the decay of microwaved photoconductivity (μPCD)