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Manual 3D assembly system has the following features:

  • High-precision positioning
  • "Pick & Place" mode with adhesive spreading or stamping
  • Mode «Flip Chip»
    • with metallurgical bonding (example : welding, eutectic, etc.)
    • with heating of one or both rooms
  • Ultrasonic mode



Positioning accuracy


High precision mode: ±2 μm

Two ranges are possible but use the same fine adjustment mechanism.

It is the visualization mode that gives the precision

Assembly pressure

The value of the order is the force applied. 

The pressure depends on the surfaces in contact.

High range: max. 2 kg

Low range: 20 to 400 g

The change of range requires a modification of the equipment

Heating table

Controlled in setpoint and ramp speed

Temp. Max. : 400°C

Very flexible programming

Ambient gas

A neutral gas atmosphere can be created on the heating table

N2 forming gasManual flow adjustment. A lid must be made to the right size.