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Nano Dimension's DragonFly IV system is a 3D printer capable of printing dielectric and conductive structures (silver) with an accuracy of 50 μm.

The equipment has a dielectric with a lower constant than that of the FR4 and is able to create conductive structures in 3D.

The DragonFly IV can be used to prototype fast circuit boards, non-standard conductive structures or exotic printed circuit boards.

The printer has two print heads, one for conductive ink (CI) and one for dielectric ink (DI), which simultaneously print the inks to be accurately deposited on the substrate to form the device.

Design files (Gerber and Excellon, ODB++ and STL) are used to create print jobs that are sent to the DragonFly IV queue for printing.



Dimension max.

160 mm x 160 mm x 3 mm


Optimized silver nanoparticles and dielectric inks

Supported file types

All major ECAD and MCAD, ODB++, Gerber and Excellon, STL software


18 μm (x), 18 μm (y), 10 μm (z)

Min. trace/spacing

75 μm traces / 100 μm spacing

Min. BGA Spacing

350 µm

Via min.

150 µm

Dielectric layer thickness (DI) min.

50.0 µm *

Conductive layer thickness (CI) min.

17.0 µm *

Conductivity (relative to copper)

30 % ± 5 %

Constant dielectric @ 2 GHz / 15 GHz

2.77 / 2.78

Tangential loss @ 2 GHz / 15 GHz

0.015 / 0.018

* For 3D structures within the PCB, the thickness of the DI and IC layers can decrease to 10.0 μm and 1.18 μm respectively.

For detailed design rules, please contact us.