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LPKF ProtoPrint S

Manual screen printing (squeegee) for circuit boards - smt components.

This manual printer of tin paste is able to print in openings with small steps, up to 12 mils (ultra fine pitch). Using kapton sheets of various thicknesses and tin paste type 5 or 6, it is possible to go to smaller steps. See with the manager for the capabilities currently available (Contact Information section).

It is also possible to spread epoxy or other material requiring the use of a scraper with this device.


Printing area

Max. 300x300 mm (11.8x11.8)


Printing method

Manual, with squeegee


Max. thickness pcb

5 mm (0.2)

With option, it is possible to accommodate thicker PCBs


±0.025 mm (±1 mil)



Stencils used Kapton and Stainless

(stencil Kapton cut with LPKF ProtoLaser U3)

Close-up view Stencil Stainless