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A high-performance oscilloscope in the Infiniium series, the MSOX91304A has a bandwidth of 13 GHz. Sampling is done at a rate of 80 Gsa/s on two channels or 40 Gsa/s on four channels. In addition to analog playbacks, it is possible to use the sixteen-channel digital port to follow digital frames.


The device includes the following specifications:

  • Bandwidth: 13 GHz
  • Sampling: 80 Gsa/s (two channels), 40 Gsa/s (four channels)
  • Memory per channel: 1 Gpts

Available accessories

Module/Parts                                                                             Model                        Qty                                 
Infiniium FPGA dynamic probe for XilinxN5397A 
Probe Amplifier - InfiniiMax II, 12 GHz1169A2
InfiniiMax differential solder in probe head and accessories -12 GHzN5381A2
Probe head, 12 GHz InfiniiMax ZIF solder in (plus zif tip)N5425A2
InfiniiMax differential SMA probe head- 12GHzN5380B1
Probe head - 6 GHz InfiniiMax differential browser- wide spanE2675A2
Probe head - 12 GHz InfiniiMax differential socketE2678A2
Probe postionner - 3DN278AN-232