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Convection oven for reflow during assembly of SMT components having the following characteristics:

  • Certified Unleaded with eight heating zones (top/bottom) + two cooling zones
  • Capable of accommodating circuits up to 24" wide
  • Two-sided welding allowed
  • Requires very little maintenance
  • The lowest nitrogen and electricity consumption on the market



Min. PCB width

2 (5 cm)


Max. PCB width

24 (61 cm)


Space required at the edge of the PCB

Top: 1.00 mm (0.039)

Bottom: 4.75 mm (0.187)

Space required for pcb support pawns on the conveyor.

In case there is an assembly on the 2 sides, it takes 4.75 mm (0.187) on the 2 sides. 

This value does not include the space needed to manipulate it.

Temperature range (standard)


Can go up to 450°C

Accuracy on the temperature controller



Max. conveyor speed74"/min (188 cm/min)