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EMxpert is a real-time EMC and EMI testing tool that enables designers to quickly diagnose and resolve electromagnetic compatibility, electromagnetic interference, and electromagnetic issues in a single design cycle from the convenience of their own laboratory environment without the need for an anechoic chamber.

  • Visualize "hot spots", power loops on intermittent problems in real time;
  • Obtain reliable and repeatable results that determine the cause of a design problem;
  • Address EMC and signal integrity concerns in ultra-fast PCB design (> 2 GHz).


Requires a spectrum analyzer that will be loaned with the rental of EmXpert as well as a computer with EMxpert software installed.


Bandwith                                 150 KHz ~ 8 GHz
Spatial resolution7.5 mm
Size of the active surfaceL 31.6 cm x W 21.8 cm (L 12.44” x W 8.58”)