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DYMAX BlueWave 200

This photopolymerization lamp emits energy in UVA and a visible part of the spectrum (300-450 nm) for light curing of adhesives, coatings and encapsulants. Ideal for manual or automated processes, the unit contains a built-in shutter that can be operated by a pedal or PLC and a universal power supply that ensures consistent performance at any voltage. A wide range of light guides in different materials and configurations is available for use with this device, providing application flexibility.


Total(280-450)40+ W/cm2      
Visible(400-450 nm)17+ W/cm2
UVA(400-450 nm)17+ W/cm2
UVB(280-320 nm)7 W/cm2
UV Lamp200 W mercury, 2000h
ReflectorElliptical, Glass with diachronic coating to reflect UV and minimize IR
Shutter time0-9999 seconds, 0.1 seconds resolution, pedal activated