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Automatic screen printing equipment for printed circuit boards, with excellent accuracy and repeatability.



Length of PCB

Min : 50 mm ( 2)

Max : 510 mm (20)

Height of PCB

Min : 40.5 mm ( 1.6)

Max: 508.5 mm (20)

Thickness of PCB

0.2 to 6 mmTolerates up to 7mm of deformation

Edge space required for PCB

5.00 mm (0.197)Space necessary for the jaw that holds the PCB

Squeegee size


Small : 170 mm (6.7)

Medium : 250 mm (9.8)

Large : 400 mm (15.7)

Very Large : 535 mm (21)

This size must be larger than the print area on the pcb, but smaller than the print area in the frame (valid area)

Frame size      

Min: 381 mm x 381 mm (15 x15)

Max : 736 mm x 736 mm (29 x 29)

Thickness from 25 to 38 mm (1 à 1.5)

The frame must be 490 mm (19.3) wide to use the automated cleaning system.         

                                                                         The machine works in the center, it is highly recommended to have only one side of PCB per frame.

Squeegee pressure


Automatic 0-20kgRecommended pressure according to the size of the squeegee: 0.5 kg/inch

Machine alignment capability



The maximum adjustment limit of theta is a difference of 10mm on the X axis between the top and bottom of the frame.

So, it is recommended to look at the theta error of the image in relation to the frame during inspection.

The machine looks for fiducials in an area of  4.8mm x 8.2mm. If the machine finds another fiducial in this area, there could be alignment errors.