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With the innovative 3D rotation view, in addition to the 90° observation mirror for BGA/QFP, this device offers unprecedented BGA inspection capability. Quality control and defect analysis is easily done using the camera and tools. The system is easy to use and extremely robust for a production environment. Real-time view of inspection, image capture of defects for documentation and measurement of the size of the balls of a BGA.

  • Weld checks
  • Variable working distance
  • 360° angle view (30°)
  • High Resolution 2MP SONY CCD Color Camera
  • 3x magnification à 100x
  • Complete software for image processing


  • SMT Weld Inspection
  • Inspection of the BGA
  • Inspection of the inside of Thru-holes
  • Inspection and documentation of metal, plastic and other parts
  • Failure analysis



Zoom Magnification                    


Zoom Ratio


Field of view

2.4 mm à 100x jusqu'à 16 mm à 15X

Angle of view

0° direct view and 20° angular view

Working distance - direct view

(15-100x) : 103 mm

Working distance - angular view 30°

(15-100x) : 45 mm

Measurement accuracy (software)

10µ à 15x, 1.6µ à 100x

Example of uses

Solder paste inspection

Fine-pitch component inspection

Using the mirror for BGA Inspection

J-Lead soldering inspection

Integrated circuit chip picture

(Photo ASIC ICFSHFE3 (4.56 mm x 5.887 mm))