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Associated Environmental System SD308 chamber

Climate chamber that can create a temperature-controlled environment from -65 to +200 degree Celsius. Can be controlled via RS232 and possible to use dry nitrogen as an atmosphere to avoid condensation. 


OptionController interface  
Interior volume 0.23 cubic meters (8 cubic feet) .6 x .6 x .6m (2 x 2 x 2 ft) 
Temperature range -65 to 180 °C (-85 to + 356 °F) Dry nitrogen purge recommended under 10 °C, required under 5 °C  
Rise time, +25 to +200 °C 30 minutes 
Descent time, +25 to -65 °C 40 minutes 


There’s an access port on de right side of the machine allowing wires to exit to the outside (for example to supply a circuit under test). When the port isn’t used, a plug is available to close this hole.